It's in our nature.

At Fresca retail our approach to sustainability is based on the belief that protecting the environment and giving our customers great value for money by offering top quality food products go hand in hand.

Since we first opened our doors we have  made great strides in terms of our own environmental performance that have directly helped us to not only lower our own operating costs but also provide lower prices for our customers without reducing the quality of the products we supply.


Over the last 10 years we have reduced energy use in our existing network of stores by over 40% and all our news stores are designed to be super energy efficient thereby reducing our energy bills at these stores by a further 50%.

We have also looked very carefully at where we source our products to ensure that not only do we only provide meat from sustainable  farms but also use the minimum number of road miles when transporting goods to our stores. We have managed to reduce our number of food miles by 18 million over the last 10 years which is a very healthy reduction of our carbon emissions.  


Through this policy and backed up by our sustainability goals, Fresca Retail has the following aims:


  • Reduce our carbon footprint year on year in absolute terms
  • Ensure the business becomes resilient to climate change
  • Reduce embedded carbon in our products and supply chain through collaboration with suppliers


  • Support WRAP to help our customers waste less food in their homes
  • Support WRAP to reduce grocery product and packaging waste in our supply chain
  • Support WRAP to reduce carbon impact of packaging and develop innovative packaging solutions
  • Partner with FareShare to ensure food waste (fit for consumption) is sent to charity


  • Support our farmers and their communities
  • Produce more food with less waste and using fewer resources
  • Sustainably sourced key food products
  • Collaborate with suppliers to develop the most sustainable and resilient supply chain in the UK


  • Ensure our stores and depots will consistently become more energy efficient
  • Reduce the negative environmental impact from our refrigeration
  • Increase our usage of renewable energy through self-generation and procurement
  • Reduce emissions from transport operations and trial innovative low carbon solutions

Sustainable, quality British.

Through these commitments we will hold true to the belief that it doesn’t cost the Earth to be green. We will continue to transform our operational programmes to increasingly reduce our environmental impacts. It’s a journey we’re excited to be on, one that promises to reap benefits for the environment, Fresca Retail, our partners and, most importantly, our customers.

“From farm to fork”
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